What's the difference between dedicated accounts and unlimited access?
With a dial up unlimited account you get information when you need it with no additional hourly fees. You pay just by the month or quarter. This is not an account that you should purchase if you: maintain an IRC bot, need to host a web page, or if you need to a constant connection to the Internet with a static IP address. If you are unsure call, or email sales@axs2k.net

What is ISDN?
ISDN is a digital connection that you can order from the phone company that gives you quicker access and downloads from the Net. Call BellSouth or your local phone company for information about availability and any additional charges for this service.

What is ADSL?
ADSL is another type of service that will work with your existing phone line. Our information from BellSouth is that it is not yet available in this area. When it is we will seek your input. There is no information about what BellSouth will charge you for your line therefore we are unsure of you, the consumer will adopt this new technology. If they build it, will you come? If you come, we will add it.

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